It all started with the desire to give thoughtful and beautiful gifts to our friends, family, and clients, but we never had the time to put it all together. Time would pass, and we were stuck going out and getting a bottle of wine and a card and calling it good. You too? 

Because we had little time to curate well designed and thoughtful gifts, it led to us thinking “I bet there are a lot more people like us!” 

With this in mind, we decided to open our own company, offering well-made lifestyle and home goods and a modern, artisan approach to gifting.

We exist to make gifting simple, thoughtful, and stylish.  Simply shop our ready-made boxes, add a card of choice, checkout, and let us do the rest. Or take a more custom route and work with our team to create a unique branded gift box for your clients, customers, or an event. 

Whatever way you shop with us, we’re so happy you’re here!

-Kevin and Kelli